i was watching cnn a moment ago, and as it turns out, sarah palin told christine o'donnel to avoid all interviews and critical questions, unless they're from fox news. holy shit.

US politics is fucked.

the problem is, even though some of these republicans - tea party supported - are gleefully ignorant; o'donnel is ignorant of the US constitution, she believes that schools should be allowed to teach creationism as a science via 1st amendment, which would be overcome by the 'freedom of/from religion' thing. sarah palin also proved several times over that she's easily one of the least qualified persons to do - anything. she allows herself and her family to become gossip magnets, quits her job as governor (she somehow made it seem that keeping her job would be "quitting"[1]) and makes speeches that make no sense (it sounds like she makes it up as she goes along).

US politics is fucked.

what's depressing, is that most of these idiots will get elected anyway, just by the very virtue that they're not democrats. according to gallup polls, most americans blame the republicans for causing the massive recession, and most of them thought that republican dominated congress was crap. oddly enough, many of them are going to vote republican in these coming elections. i think it's psychology, many american voters think that since the economy hasn't changed much, it must be the current party in power (reasonable logic). the thing is, they believe that action is better than inaction (also reasonable logic). however, it took the republicans 8 years to fuck up the economy, it's going to take a damn long time to fix it again, and that shit takes a lot of time. if the republicans get in again, everything will be really fucked, because obama will be a democratic president with a republican congress, how the fuck will anything get done? politics will be in constant check mate.

US politics is fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i take solace in realizing that nothing in that country will ever change. ever. remember how obama was going to change everything overnight? well, he actually did do a lot of good, but fundamentally, US politics is totally fucked.

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  1. politics in the US have been fucked for a long time, though they're definitely still getting worse