as some of my friends may have discovered about me, i have a very particular interest in drugs. so much, that it's the principle reason why i want to get my in a major as close as i can get to neuroscience.

anyhow, drugs are interesting, in that nearly every society in the world is enamoured with them. even a people who believe that they are distanced from any form of drug culture have at least one foot in the metaphorical water.

for example, dimethyltriptamine. DMT is one of the most illegal substances in the world. in canada, it's something like schedule III, it's illegal, but not as illegal as heroin (schedule I). however, unlike lsd or maybe vicodin, DMT is extremely natural and grows in a lot of places. the substance can also be found in toads, and your body, in the pineal gland in your brain(whether you like or not) produces a shitload of it when you dream (in REM stage) and when you're about to die (this may be inaccurate). if you've ever had a dream, you have done this drug.

other than getting you spaced as fuck for 5-15 minutes, what else does DMT do? not much else, all the reading i've done found that the only negative effects are increased breathing and heart rate (dont do it if you have high blood pressure). now that i think about it, spaced isn't a good enough adjective to describe a DMT trip, or at least what others have said it's like. generally, most people come out of DMT trip having experienced a highly spiritual or religious experience. rick strassman describes it as 'the spirit molecule'.

another aspect of drug use in society i dont understand are these bullshit double standards. i have been called a 'druggie' because of my experiences with marijuana, salvia and codeine. some of these same people get drunk at least once a week, others drink barrels of coffee.

something else i dont understand; why is marijuana a big scary drug, but alcohol isn't??(alcohol sucks anyway, marijauan doesn't make me throw up, beat my wife or die)??? a mystery

i mean, when's the last time you heard someone die of marijuana, lsd, dmt, salvia or psilocybin mushrooms???? i haven't ever, at least not by themselves. if you mix a shitload of your crystal meth with marijuana and you die, i won't be surprised in the least.

might more thoughts be COMING SOOOOON?? yes