Taku: yo
me: hi
sometimes i push my nose on my upper lip to see what it smells like
Sent at 1:18 AM on Saturday
Taku: but after a few trials I come to realize that my lips weren't all that flexible.
me: doing what
Taku: trying to smell my upper lips of course
me: sometimes i check facebook even though i only have 6 'friends'
maybe someone will post a video of a cat doing something stupid
Sent at 1:21 AM on Saturday
Taku: I go on youtube and search for something idiotic like "Look guys. I prank called Microsoft."
me: do they get put on hold for 3 hours?
Taku: no
me: 3 hours on hold would be a very interesting prank call
the prank would be on the listener
Sent at 1:24 AM on Saturday
Taku: I've watched several videos on how to fix the ring of death on the Xbox 360
me: you give up
maybe the xbox just wants you to go outside
Taku: One person called into Microsoft only to get solutions that never work
me: i dont think those are 'solutions'
Taku: the term 'solutions' and 'answers' to me are very different
answers are strictly those that work. usually there is only one 'answer'
but a 'solution' is usually suggested and are sometimes not guaranteed to work out
Sent at 1:28 AM on Saturday
me: my libido is so low that vaginas arent interesting to me anymore
i sit around 9 hours a day watching 8 minute long videos of girls playing with their hair in the least interesting way possible
i watch on mute so i can listen to pete namlook
Taku: i suggest you watch some Indian pornography
me: they have a lot of hair
Sent at 1:31 AM on Saturday
Taku: which is very controversial because Indians do not allow skin to be shown
me: ok
i will watch it
if there's a big musical number after the guy orgasms
and only if daler mehndi is involved
Sent at 1:33 AM on Saturday

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