taku00yamamoto: hi there
me: hi
i am watching a video of a cat freaking out
it makes me laugh
taku00yamamoto: A cat? Is that an animal?
me: i think so
but it has 4 legs so it might be a bug
taku00yamamoto: Bugs require more than 6 legs to be qualifed a bug
so I do not think a cat is a bug
me: oh
guess its an animal then
taku00yamamoto: are bugs not animals?
me: dunno
im going to re-lace my shoes
even though they're new
taku00yamamoto: I'll quickly wash my right hand while you go do that
Sent at 12:22 AM on Tuesday
me: back
i put 'cats are' into google and the first suggestion was 'cats are evil'
i think cats are usually boring
its just lucky that some people have a camera in hand when they do something weird
Sent at 12:25 AM on Tuesday
taku00yamamoto: sure is a mystery