me: omg gmail chat

what the fuck

Taku: lol wut

me: you are on fucking gmail chat

Taku: hahaha

me: that is whack shit

are you in your dorm

playing some modern warfare or some other shitty game

Taku: yep

me: ?

is your dorm smaller than a closet

in typical japanese fashion?

Taku: I am jacking off to jamaican S&M right now, and the dorm is five times larger than your closet.

me: fuck, i am a fashionable motherfucker so your dorm is probably 25m^2

Taku: about right

me: and email me the jamaican s&m, i need new stuff

the tibetian bhuddest smut is getting old


Taku: damn. gotten over that ages ago

me: have you found any vending machines that sell used-girls.................textbooks?

Sent at 6:57 PM on Friday

Taku Yamamoto: err.

not yet.

me: damn

Taku Yamamoto: but i am for sure it exists

me: i really need O CHEM edition 2 (not fucking 3) by matsumoto

and i am not paying 18,900円 for it

Taku Yamamoto: damn. that's one expensive motherfucker

Sent at 7:00 PM on Friday

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